Bone Crier’s Moon

I dare you to read Bone Crier’s Moon and not be immediately obsessed. Having got a special signed edition with my latest OwlCrate, I put Bone Crier’s Moon (by Kathryn Purdie) right on top of my TBR pile and was glued to the fantasy world of the Lurress.

April’s OwlCrate

The Plot in a Nutshell

Sabine and Ailesse are best friends. As part of the Lurress they are destined to become Ferriers – women who lead dead souls to either paradise or the underworld.

However, to become Ferriers they must first gain three grace bones, harvested from animals that they kill, which will imbibe them with powers. They must also lure, and kill, their Amourè – the man destined to be their soulmate.

Ailesse is the daughter of the Matrone of the famille that the girls live with, and because of this she wants to prove herself by becoming a Ferrier at only 17. She calls her Amourè to meet her during a special ritual and a boy presents himself.

Meanwhile, Bastien and his friends, brother and sister, Jules and Marcel, are plotting revenge. When they were children, a Lurress (or as they call them, Bone Criers) killed their respective fathers – and now they want to kill two Lurress to balance the scale.

The two worlds collide when Bastien (accompanied by Jules and Marcel) turns up at Ailesse’s ritual, leading them all to believe that they are soulmates. Bastien kidnaps Ailesse, planning to kill her – but all does not go to plan. Sabine is desperate to save her best friend and the rest of the Lurress are also on the case.

Will Ailesse be able to kill Bastien or will he beat her to it? And what comes out of their relationship, now they know they are soulmates? Can Sabine save her best friend? And what is going on with the Matrone, who is acting weirdly?

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My Review

Bone Crier’s Moon is written from three perspectives: Ailesse, Sabine and Bastien. This gives us a look into what it is like to be a Lurress, but also a look at what the consequences of their might be – as Bastien was left to fend for himself as a child. I liked the shifting perspective – each character had their own unique voice. Sometimes I had to remind myself whose chapter I was in, but that didn’t bother me too much, I was having such a blast.

I can already see a huge fandom emerging from Bone Crier’s Moon. The lore that Purdie has created is fantastic. It’s not overly complicated, but it is complex and complete – the Lurress have an interesting history and we unravel more and more of it as the story progresses. I hope we get lots more in the sequel. (WHICH I NEED RIGHT NOW!)

The same goes for the storyline – it was fluid and exciting – nothing felt forced or oversold. Purdie writes action really well, which there is a lot of. The Lurress are trained fighters and sometimes action can get confusing – but this wasn’t – I could picture every movement.

The romance was wonderfully written. It was a perfect portrayal of first loves, teenage romance and feeling like you’ve found “the one”. Purdie is also great at writing steamy moments between characters – but not in a cringe way.

I also want to give a big shout out to Marcel, who is a small-ish character, but a really loveable one – he’s proof that every friends group needs a nerdy historian.

Overall, Bone Crier’s Moon is a fantastic fantasy read, and I can see the YA community being totally obsessed with it. Now if you will excuse me, I need to somehow fashion a grace bone style necklace.

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