…Voldermort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody (a quickie review)

Genuinely funny, enjoyable and adorable, if you can ignore the straying from Potter canon.

Last night my cousin took me to the King’s Head Theatre in Islington for a surprise birthday treat – Voldermort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody, which had gotten great reviews at the fringe. And of course, she had booked seats in the front row, thanks Em.

The hour long musical is a parody (and they can’t stress enough, for legal reasons, how much this is a parody) of what school was like in 1942 for Tom Riddle, who is 16 (and handsome).

The small cast plays a host of charcters from the different houses including Riddle, Moaning Myrtle (from my house, Ravenclaw), Genevieve Gryffindor, a descendant of the OG himself, Hagrid, Dumbledore and two Hufflepuffs: Riddle’s girlfriend, Muffin and her friend (who is crushing on her) Derald.

A young Voldy, played by Stephen Graney

Due to an accident, the Quidditch tournament that year is cancelled and instead Hogwarts holds a Battle of the Bands (oh, how I remember those!), but in the process, someone is murdered! And the rest of the cast need to work out who dunnit.

With a mix of brilliant singing voices and a fantastically funny script, this is a really great show for Potterheads, as long as you can hold yourself back from saying ‘well he had already murdered his father by now’, which I just about managed to do.

Dumbledore, Genevieve, Myrtle and Darold.

One real highlight, apart from the writing, was Hagrid’s fantastic voice – a real show stopper.

Star Rating:

5 /5

Voldermort and the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody is on at the King’s Head Theatre until 21 September 2019.

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