The Selection (Books 1, 2 & 3) – Kiera Cass

The Selection, The Elite & The One: A Review

Reality TV in a dystopian future where one girl gets the chance to change her life.

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Plot Basis

American Singer is a 6. Her whole family are 6s. The boy she loves, Aspen, is a 7, and when you consider that 8 is the lowest you can get without being basically nothing, that’s pretty low. But then something happens that could change America’s life forever: the Selection. The Prince (Maxon) must choose his queen from 35 candidates, and somehow, America ends up in the process.

To make her family happy America goes to the castle to take place in the Selection, if she marries Prince Maxon she will become a queen and her whole family will earn the status of 1s. But then things go awry when not only does America end up having real feelings for Maxon, but Aspen, her ex-boyfriend turns up as a guard at the palace.

America and the other girls slowly get whittled down to the ‘Elite’ 6 girls, as well as the tasks that are set by the Selection, the rebels, some intent on ending the monarchy and some just wishing to eliminate the casts, periodically invade the castle.

America is her own woman, in every task set for her she puts her own spin on it and always stands up for what she believes in, even if this means going against what the king, or even Maxon, wish.

Will Maxon choose America? Will they survive the rebel attacks? Will America stand by Maxon or be enticed back to Aspen? I won’t spoil it for you!

What I Thought

First of all, I loved the set up – the idea that everyone is classed as a number and each number has its own profession and status is genius – very Delirium or Hunger Games – I like that what  you do as a profession is decided by your cast – very original and very subtle.

The Selection is a brilliant idea, like my own writing, it is based on the idea that the world is obsessed with Reality TV (again, Hunger Games esque) but with a romantic twist! The romance between American and Maxon and America and Aspen isn’t overdone, it progresses in a realistic way and America is always true to herself.

The characters are each well crafted and because the story is told over several books, it’s not rushed and you get to know every person so well. I can’t say I wasn’t gunning for America and Maxon all the way through – in fact, Aspen kind of annoyed me.

The action scenes with the rebels are tense and there are plenty of emotional moments too – a real rollercoaster.

In a Sentence

A series to get seriously hooked on – perfect for a holiday.

Star Rating: 4/5

Get it here. Or (if you must) on kindle here.

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