My First Owlcrate

Owlcrate is a subscription box made by a pair called Korrina and Robert who love Young Adult fiction and want to make sure all us YA nuts get our monthly dose of YA goodies with a featured book a month.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.40.51

I’ve been wanting to sign up for Owlcrate for a long time. The only reason I’ve held back is because they’re based in the US and I thought this would mean it would be a) too pricey and b) the postage would take too long. How wrong I was! It wasn’t too pricey at all and the package took about a week!
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.53.26

Here’s what I received in my first Owlcrate! If you’re thinking of signing up check out their instagram – it doesn’t disappoint!

Owlcrate Postcard

Firstly, and I’m guessing they do this every month, Owlcrate have included their own postcard, detailing the contents of the box and the theme of that month. So hyped to know the next theme already!

Mockingjay Bracelet


As a Hunger Games addict, I adore this Mockingjay bracelet by The Geeky Cauldron. Warning: you may get obsessed with this website!

Hunger Games Magnet

As well as a bracelet, we also get a Hunger Games magnet from Half Blood Prints. Love my minimalist Mockingjay style one! From Property of the Half Blood Prints.

Shatter Me Inspired Coaster


Super cute coaster by Evie Bookish. Perfect for my writing desk, will help me power through!

Maze Runner WICKED Decal

Awesome Property of WCKD decal by Shailey Ann Designs. Onto the Macbook it goes!

1984 Notebook


1984 is one of the first adult books that I read as a teenager – I can’t wait carry this around with me everywhere. By Manuscript.

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern 


And of course finally, the book. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern follows Celestine North whose life is perfect…but is it? What will happen when she breaks a rule. Will she be punished? Could she be found flawed? This sounds awesome. I love dystopia. From Delirium to my own YA novel that is now so close to being done…dystopia rocks. And what’s that sticking out the top? Just a little note for us Owlcraters from Ahern herself. Lovely. Stay tuned for a blog on this one!

Visit to sign up for this ace subscription box!


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