HotPod Yoga, The Trampery, Hackney

London Fitness Classes #2

What? HotPod Flow, Yoga

Where? The Trampery, Above Look Mum No Hands, Hackney

How much? £12…less if you buy in bulk

The HotPod, from the outside

London Fitness Class #2 was HotPod yoga, located on Mare st (a short walk from London Fields and a short bus from Bethnal Green.

I suggested hot yoga and BFF looked at lots of different classes before we decided on this one: good location, reasonable price and come on – yoga in an INFLATABLE = fun.

HotPod Yoga puts on classes in different locations: 3 in London and 3 Northern locations. HotPod erects an inflatable room inside the studio, this allows the heat to rise to 37-38 degrees, making you sweat more and the workout to do more. HotPod also offers 2 levels, beginner – intermediate and intermediate – advanced.

Inside the HotPod

I’ve only been to a few yoga classes in my life –  but I do have the 10 minutes solutions dvd which I subject myself to in my room – so at least I wasn’t totally clueless (like in Ariel Hoop.) That may be one downside of the class – if you aren’t familiar with the basic yoga poses (upwards and downwards facing dog, plank, warrior…) you might get a little lost, but of course there’s always the classic look-at-the-girl-next-to-you trick.

The class had excellent pacing – beginning with a slow warm up and moving into bigger stretches and more difficult poses. There was, as most yoga classes, a repeating pattern and a whole load of breathing – but because of the hot (and sweaty) nature of the room, the breathing was a little less refreshing than other classes. The beginning was slow,  middle faster and the ending slowed down…

The two poses I couldn't handle...One day dammit.
The two poses I couldn’t handle…One day dammit.

Towards the end there was a short pause for a sip of (greatly needed) water and then some harder, stretching, poses like the Plow pose (above.) Luckily, the teacher was aware of the varying abilities and told us amateurs which pose to hold if unable to fully plow (said the actress to the bishop.)  – NB: This was just one of the many lovely things about the instructor, she was conscientious, likeable and soft spoken but just about hard enough on us.

Over all... A great workout. My whole body felt stretched and solid for days – and the heat really added an extra fitness element. Definitely a class I would recommend if you don’t mind the slight smell of other people’s sweat (one downside of being enclosed…) Remember a towel and some water.

Fun Score: 7/10

Fitness Score: 8/10

BFF Says:

Loved that this was traditional vinyasa flow and in a heated environment to really warm the muscles up. A good way to mix up standard vinyasa. Bonus point for being in a massive bouncy castle with mood lighting. Such a lovely teacher too.  8/10

Extra note: Usually this class is located in the Trampery but has been moved for a few weeks to Hackney Downs. Under the Trampery is a cafe/bar called Look Mum No Hands which serves 2/3 pints… give that a go after. 

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