Mean Girls 2 (or, Fuck Sequels)

I make it no secret that I like Rom-Coms, even the hilariously bad ones. When I first saw there was a Mean Girls 2 I knew there was no way it could match up to the original. Firstly, MG2 wasn’t written by the wondrous Tina Fey and thus loses appeal automatically.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 16.12.07As the above picture demonstrates, the cast of MG2 are somewhat less famous, less hot and more annoying than Mean Girls 1, which shouldn’t really have a ‘1’ there considering there is little connection between the 2 other than Mr Duvall (the head-teacher, played by Tim Meadows,) and the name of the school: North Shore High.

The synopsis is simple: Jo (Meaghan Martin), comes to North Shore with her dad, she’s a tom boy with no mom and has a burning desire to attend Carnegie Mellon University. Unfortunately, she’s poor- her dad’s a mechanic – damn! Jo meets Abby (Jennifer Stone) who is super rich and an artist with no friends. Abby’s dad pays Jo to befriend Abby, so Jo can attend college.

Enter the “plastics”.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 16.48.02Mandi, Hope and Chastity are MG2’s plastics. No Rachel McAdams pulling off the Queen of Everything or Amanda Seyfried’s boobs (which is really what Amada Seyfried is all about.) The plastics “rule the school” and when Jo (who is hotter and looks less like she’s been dressed by a five year old) comes in and disrupts that they attempt to destroy her by doing things like gluing her to her moped and putting coffee in her dad’s car engine.

Jo, Abby and their other friend who I can’t remember the name of she was so memorable  create the “anti plastics.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 17.13.13

But then of course becoming popular Jo turns into a slight bitch, there’s a mess up with some charity money that the school is missing, Abby finds out about Jo being paid by her dad and the anti plastics get all mad at her. That’s including her tech partner who she’s dating.

Then of course Jo takes on Mandi (head of the plastics) and challenges her to a football game, the anti plastics get back together and defeat the plastics with the help of a web geek who recovers the stolen money via clever geekery.

There’s nothing especially wrong with the movie, yes the acting is bad but that’s not the fault of the hopeless wannabe actresses, more the hopeless wannabe script writers. The main thing that pisses me off is the use of the ‘Mean Girls’ title. Mean Girls (1), written by Tina Fey is undoubtably funny, a Rom Com with real comedy. You can’t just take the name of an iconic teen movie and re-use it expecting it to magically make your sham of a movie something it’s not – good. By all means make another early teen movie about high school, but don’t tarnish the name of mean girls. EVER.

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